Cell Phones – Part 2

fast fingers

The fastest fingers in the East

Do People Actually Still Talk on Them?


My daughter Tory wears out a cell phone’s keyboard in three months or less. One cell phone bit the dust in less than two months, no lie. If her Dad had hair he would have pulled it out in frustration. To Tory, the phone is an extension of her body, her very soul, and it accompanies her everywhere but the shower. She has perfected the art of listening to whomever is talking to her in person (as in standing right in front of her moving their lips), nodding her head as though she’s actually listening, and then the speaker (that’s usually me, here at home anyway) looks down and sees her texting one-handed the whole time you (I) thought she was listening. She looks sincere. She looks like she’s paying attention. . .NOT. She is, however, looking at joint replacement for both thumbs by age 35.


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