The Big Secret – Part 2

Second Thoughts

Can We Pull It Off?

Mike and I were in the car, just the two of us, talking (again) about the really special Christmas gift we are planning to give someone we love. We were both excited and frequently interrupted each other as bits and pieces of the details floated through our brains, and as quickly as we thought of them, they popped out of our mouths. Then we talked about how we should actually present the gift to our special someone. We were as happy as I can ever remember us being, enthusiastic and almost sizzling with excitement. And it came to me like a thump alongside my head: IT REALLY IS better to give than receive. Boy, we can’t wait to give this gift!!

 Update: Yesterday, I called John, the person who’s working to get the gift ‘perfect’ for us. The good news is he was able to fix what was originally wrong with the gift, but in doing so another issue surfaced. Stay tuned!

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