What I Did on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Did YOU Do Today?

Time   Exciting Things I Did
6:30 am   get up
6:40   eat breakfast and feed cats (actually in reverse order since cats were squealing like stuck pigs and climbing my leg while I tried to heat tea water
7:00   shower, making sure I remember to put new soap in shower before I climb in
7:15   apply makeup and get dressed while Mike snoozes peacefully
7:42   prep floral water for later; drive Tory to school; get growly when someone cuts me off on Park St. beating the light
8:00   drive through bank:; stare at huge jar of dog biscuits the teller keeps near the window and wonder how many she hands out every day
8:10   stop at Shop Rite and buy flowers for floral arrangement for annual Garden Club Holiday Tea; see elderly woman I always see drinking tea at Shop Rite no matter what time of day I stop in. Smile at her; she waves
8:20   drop flowers into waiting conditioned water at home; snack the cats who are waiting for me at the front door and escort me back to the kitchen and their bowls
8:30   work hard for someone else; feel satisfied; collect pay check
12:40 pm   meet good friend Pat for lunch; talk about kids and life; Ginger calls twice while we are talking—she has friend radar; collect one Christmas gift—how nice! give big hug before we part
2:00   pick up/drop off Mike’s dry cleaning
2:15   stop at corner store for lottery tickets – a dollar and a dream, just like my Dad
2:30   stop at card store for fancy Christmas gift envelopes
3:00   go home: put lottery tickets in gift bags, label/put cash into gift envelopes, then put in car so I don’t forget them later this week
3:30   snack the cats; sort mail; turn on Christmas tree lights; put little decorated tree in large urn on front lawn; it looks funny; laugh at it and leave it there
4:00   good friend Gail calls as I drive to pick up Tory at school; turns out Gail is in vehicle behind me on my street. Go figure. On way in driveway Tory sees little tree in large urn on front lawn; she laughs
4:15   plan evening with Tory; Mike not home until 11 pm from Ithaca business trip; turn on outside Christmas lights; house lights up like Roman candle; can’t figure out why Mike loves these lights so much. Shrug.
4:30   go shopping with Tory for some final Christmas gifts; eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen—yum
7:30   stop home, change, go to YMCA with Tory
8:45   get home; begin to design floral arrangement for tomorrow; agonize over every detail; put arrangment in basement to stay cool and out of way of crazy cats running through the house; get text message from Max—A- in English; YES!
10:00   check blog and see only three people read it today; make frowny face and wonder what everyone is doing besides sitting in front of computer reading silly blog

What ARE you doing?


10:30   sit down at computer; check favorite sites and blogs before settling down to write
11:30 or so   post blog; snack cats; head to bed. Good night.

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One response to “What I Did on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

  1. Ginger Finder

    I’m exhausted by your day – thought I was hanging on to a runaway bus!!!

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