Peek a Boo

Tory Thinks She Sees You

We feed the birds year round and the feeders are right outside the big kitchen windows so it’s fun to look out/watch the birdies no matter the time of day. We have a large “squirrel proof” feeder, a suet feeder that we switch out to niger seed in summer and a tube feeder with a cage around it for the smaller birds to eat safely. I typically scatter seed on the ground nearby so that the chipmunks and ground feeding birds, like mourning doves, can eat too. The birdbath has fresh cool water in the summer and clean warm water in the winter. The birds love to stop by for a meal and we love to watch them. They will frequently hang out along the fenceline or perch in the dogwood tree near the little greenhouse. The kids like watching the birds as much as I do. And there hangs the tail, er tale, so to speak.

 This is what happened, or this is what I remember is what she said happened. Although on second thought , maybe it didn’t happen exactly like this, but it happened pretty much like this. . .Can you tell my memory is failing and she isn’t home yet?

I was out doing errands and Max and Tory were home. Tory took a bag of garbage out to put in the can, and as she turned away, thought she saw a big shadow. Quickly turning back around, she saw a hawk sitting on the fence down the sidewalk near the bird feeders.

 When I asked her later, “T, what kind of hawk was it?”

 She replied very seriously, “A really, really big one, Mom. And it looked hungry.”

 Anyway, seeing the hawk but being 30 feet or so from it she decided to run around the house and “sneak” up on it from the other side to get a closer look. So she took off around the house at a run.

At that point Max heard her and was trying to figure out what the heck she was up to. Knowing Max, he ambled over to the kitchen window to observe. He saw the hawk. The hawk didn’t see him, but the hawk did hear Tory running around the far side of the house.

 Stopping short of the back edge of the house, Tory caught her breath, slowed her pace and tip toed around the corner of the house and up to the far edge of the little greenhouse nearby. Poking her head around the corner of the greenhouse, she didn’t see the hawk anymore. Feeling a little disappointed, she turned toward the back door. And then she felt “funny,” like someone was staring at her. 

Max, watching from inside the house, started to get really nervous as he saw the hawk disappear around the far side of the little greenhouse, out of his line of sight and now behind Tory’s back. Figuring a little intervention might be in order he headed for the back door .

Who's lookin at who?

Stiffening, then s s l l o o w w l l y y turning around, Tory found the really, really big hawk staring at her from about 8 feet away. He (or she) had turned Tory into its prey. For that split second in time, Tory said their eyes met – teen to hawk – and the hawk won the staring contest as Tory took off for the back door, which Max held conveniently open for her.


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