Christmas Eve at Our Home

Mike and I are ready to leave for church.

All ready and waiting

Max keeps us waiting just a bit as he pulls on his fancy shoes in the main hallway prior to blastoff. Okay, he’s ready. And joins us and Tory in the main hallway.

Ready for Church

Off we go to 5:30 church service. . .to see our old friends and folks — God bless each and every one! — who helped raised our kids to be who they are today.

All Are Welcome Through These Doors

With a new choirmaster we are waiting to see what ‘old’ and what’s ‘new’ for the traditional Chrismas Eve service of carols. It’s a huge sound in the sanctuary and many voices in the choir and many people in the pews. The service is majestic and interesting and welcoming. And best of all, we have candlelight.

Silent Night and Joy to the World

And dinner afterwards.

Merry Christmas to All.



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2 responses to “Christmas Eve at Our Home

  1. so lovely to see pictures with great memories – how was the music?? where did you go to dinner?
    Diane and I went to Karen and Bob’s church where they were singing and Bob was playing the recorder – Carye and Roan and twins and Zach are here for Christmas so it will be good to catch up on how Victoria is doing. Love to all of you at Christmas (and always!)

  2. The music was really good, the choir in fine voice (Carolyn B. had some solo lines and was in good voice) and the organ sounded stupendous. Tory and I give the choicemaster high marks. Dinner at Mieli’s, our new place since Joseph’s closed a few years ago. Miss sharing in person with you at this wonderful time of year. Hugs!

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