Max and the Moose, a Maine Event

A Blast from the Past

Have you seen a moose on the move in your backyard?

A number of years ago, admittedly before Max’s voice changed, we were visiting our friend Carole in Maine. She lives in a very civilized town on a gorgeous bay in a beautiful condo quite near a very popular light house. You can see eagles. You can see osprey. And lovely birds of all sorts. And jumping fish and raccoons; however, it’s not a place you’d expect to see a moose, in broad daylight no less, but we did. 

We were hanging out, laughing and eating. It’s what we always do when we visit Carole. She’s the best hostess with the tastiest food and most fun activities, but I digress. . . 

And a moose trotted by. Or loped by. Or did that walky run thing moose do. Take a look at the video (to the right, under “My World and Welcome to It” just click on the “More Photos” and select the video with the moose in it) and see for yourself. It was goofy. I mean, we weren’t expecting it or anything, but the ever-intrepid Max, once he glimpsed her, grabbed my camera and zipped out onto the deck to film our visitor from the north woods. 

Well, it was going just fine until Miss Moose slowed, stopped, then turned to stare at Max. She had to have heard him. I mean he was yakking away, giving us a blow-by-blow account of her progress across the yard. Take a look and a listen carefully to the audio. I think you’ll agree that Max got just a little nervous at being so close to such a huge and inquisitive animal.



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2 responses to “Max and the Moose, a Maine Event

  1. I had forgotten how funny this was!! and I recall Max doing some very quick backtracking with the video camera as the moose gained on him! We have not seen many moose (meese? mooses?) recently but we have an abundance of beautiful foxes, vocal coyotes, intrepid raccoons and the joy of our resident eagle and osprey. Come and see….

  2. Ah, Carole. I was hoping you’d read this post. We had such a good time, the four of us, visiting your part of the world. When I asked Max if I could blog about that video, he smiled, then laughed, and gave a quick nod. I could tell he was reliving the moment.

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