Siamese Cats and Doors — Part 1

Can Your Cat Open Doors?

Teamwork and a glass knob

Siamese, even more than any other breed of cat, hate closed doors. It must be because they are the nosiest cats in the universe. Our first two Siamese, Tatsu and Zeus, working as a team, taught themselves to open the old-fashioned faceted glass door knobs on the doors we had in our previous home. Those knobs were on every door but the front, back and nursery room. When the cats were young we didn’t realize that every time we turned the knob on a door they were staring at us and memorizing the motions. Looking back, they must have practiced in private, while we were at work. We would come home and every door with a glass knob would be unlatched. Of course, in the beginning, we thought we (okay, I kept accusing Mike) just kept leaving the doors ajar. Clearly, you don’t have to have an opposing thumb to turn a knob, at least if you are Siamese. Ohhhh noooo.

One evening we were reading downstairs and I heard a persistent rattling sound. Getting up off the couch Mike and I crept up the stairs. Now with the acute hearing cats have, the little darlings would have heard us approaching if they hadn’t been so intent on turning the knob to get the door open to the third floor. Mike and I stretched our necks around the hall corner and saw them. Tatsu was sitting on one side of the door knob and Brutus on the other. Up, up they went onto their hind legs, reaching out their soft brown velvet paws so each had a paw on the knob. We watched as one pushed while the other pulled and the door opened, smoothly, silently. They resumed their “four on the floor” stance then scampered up to the third floor, none the wiser that we had seen them.


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