One Sunny Day in Paradise

Me and My Shadow

A walk along the Atlantic in Key West

My walk along the Atlantic Ocean sidewalk in the warm afternoon sunshine last Friday was my best and only sunny day walk in Key West on my recent trip. As I walked along swinging my arms I was startled to see my shadow; she mimicked my every move. I haven’t noticed her in years, yet she is always right beside me. I realized as I walked how much I have taken her for granted.

My shadow walked down the long beachfront sidewalk, up to sit on the pier and dangle her feet, then back down the sidewalk. I became enamored of my shadow. She never wavered, unless I did.

She waves when I wave. And she does it with gusto, just like me.

A Happy Wave

She throws her arms wide open to try to capture the sunshine, even for a little bit. And she manages to make passers-by smile as they watch her.

Throw your arms wide and hug the world

She throws out garbage in the streetside can. And she picks up after others who miss the can, just like me!

Two Points for Trash

She gets a little goofy when 80s music comes on her ipod. And she plays air guitar and dances when she thinks no one is watching.

80s music makes for happy memories

She takes photos of things and people that interest her. And she makes up stories in her head about them, just like me.

Take a photo and capture a memory

She walks along the seawall and pretends to be young again. She tries very hard to keep from falling into the ocean.

Chin up and look straight ahead. Don't fall!

She points out birds and planes and clouds in the sunny sky. And she day dreams of times gone by and people she loves, just like me.

Take the time to notice the world. . .and dream. . .and remember


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