A Blast from the Past – Tory

Look Out World

White blonde curls sprang from her head like happy hectic little daisies. Rosie, her wonderful babysitter, styled her hair for the photo below. Look closely and you’ll see her blonde halo is a little crooked. The hair on one side of her head is more stubbly.  She yanked it out, methodically, one little bunch at a time.  Why?  She wasn’t telling then and she definitely isn’t telling now. Her career goal then? Fairy Princess. She is Tory, short for Victoria.

Princess Available: Reliable and True

She loved to dress like a fairy princess. . .complete with gloves. . .when she was little. There aren’t many openings for ‘fairy princess’ these days, but I think that I’ll remind Tory of her early career goal anyway. She’ll laugh. Her career goal has changed, but her princess y essence remains.  She’s smart, determined, and a knockout to boot. I can say this with assurance because I’m her Mom.


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