Oh Happy Day, She’s Pregnant!

No, not me, silly!

I received a text message from my niece Moriah last night that I didn’t see until this morning. I called her at 10:15 am.

“Hi Moriah,” I said.

“Hi. Guess what? Ariel and I are going to have a baby.”

Shaking my head, thinking I heard correctly but wanting to be sure, I asked, “What?”

“I’m pregnant!”

My world tipped a little, then righted and the sun began to shine! Never mind the actual weather here is rotten: raining and windy. All is sunny in my family’s world today. My niece, my wonderful niece Moriah is pregnant! She and her husband Ariel are happy, but she admits to a little bit of shock and awe that it happened so quickly after they decided to start a family. (I, in my giddy, tactless state, assured her that it happened so quickly because they had already practiced a lot. She gracefully didn’t say much about my comment. Bless her!)

Moriah Was Active! LJ Was Shy!

I remember visiting my sister Linda and her husband Lee and thinking what cute kids Moriah and her brother LJ were. Moriah was a sunny child, all big smiles and busy-ness, while LJ of the big blue eyes was much shyer, frequently hiding behind his Mom’s leg. Linda always dressed Moriah in comfy easy clothes day to day so Moriah could run, jump and explore her world. Some of my fondest memories of Moriah are from when she was in her walker zipping around her parents’ house. Watch out shins when she came tearing by you!

Watch Out Shins!

Linda always dressed Moriah beautifully for Easter, Christmas, her birthday and other holidays. I looked forward to seeing that pretty little girl dressed in a frilly concoction with shiny shoes. Moriah’s Dad Lee would sneak up behind Moriah, scoop her up and toss her in the air. The dress skirts would billow, little feet clad in shiny shoes would kick, and you’d hear her little girl shrieks of joy and excitement as he caught her. She was a Daddy’s girl.

Linda loved lots of lace and pretty fabrics. I’m sure one reason Moriah grew up to be such a girly girl was because of those beautiful dresses and how they may have made her feel.

My niece is going to be Mom! Maybe she’ll have a little boy who looks just like his handsome Dad Ariel, tall, strong and caring. Maybe she’ll have a little girl who looks just like her own beautiful self, so smart with shiny hair and a welcoming smile.

Our family is expanding and we hold wide our arms in welcome!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment 🙂 When I’m feeling better, I’ll be sure to read through some of your posts!

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