Second Mondays

Floral Design Days!

I photo test my designs at home to look for design flaws.

Today is the second Monday of the month, one of my favorite days since September-May it means my Garden Club has its monthly meeting. We hear interesting speakers and can submit floral and/or horticulture designs that are critiqued/judged by nationally certified judges. I submit mostly floral designs.

This month I entered in my category – I am an “Intermediate” level designer. As such, I had to submit for judging “A Small Design, not to exceed 8” in height, width or depth, staged on a 9” x 9” white cube placed on a table on stage 42” from floor. Top of cube may be covered by exhibitor.” Whew. Got that?

I think it’s fun to figure out a color scheme, gather the individual flowers, condition them, and create an arrangement that adheres to the design information, or “rules” for that particular month. I like to throw in an extra “rule” that I spend only a modest amount on my flowers and use containers I already have around the house. I try to accent the creative over the costly.

It was my lucky day today as I earned a blue ribbon (actually a sticker at our club’s monthly meetings). I was so excited when I heard my name announced at the beginning of the program meeting. You may remember from an earlier post (January 27th “Fair Warning – Designing Woman”) that I am partial to blue ribbons.

A blue ribbon today!

Today my friend photographer (among her many other titles) Fran Liscio was our guest speaker; she gave an informative and lively talk about photographing flowers, gardens, and all things horticultural. Fran has an eye for the unusual and she creates uniquely beautiful compositions on her scanner. Take a look at her web site — — and you’ll see what I mean. Fran and I have been advancing together through the ranks since we were “Provisionals.” Knowing Fran and her creative flare and love of all things small and whimsical I knew she would present a terrific “Small” design today and I was right. Take a look!

A yellow ribbon winner!

A year ago, I kid you not, I also signed up to provide the floral centerpiece for today’s tea table . I had a great time since the rule for the tabletop design is that there aren’t any rules. I created a teapot design that had me smiling the whole time I was creating it. And, guess what? The tea table is an old fashioned delight of crustless finger sandwiches, deviled eggs, other savories as well as homemade cookies and other sweets. Yum!

My teapot design surrounded by savories and sweets.


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4 responses to “Second Mondays

  1. maryrestaino

    Beautiful flower arrangements. I would love to do one with wildflowers.

  2. I wish I had the talent to make flowers look that beautiful! I adore the teapot one.

    Happy Tuesday 🙂

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