The Big Secret – Finally!

Tory Is Our Magic Charm

We Kept the Secret as Long as We Could, But Then Had to Tell Tory

Well, we’ve been working on the Big Secret since last November. We couldn’t put it all together for Christmas. We couldn’t put it all together for her birthday.  And we ended up not really surprising her. At least not the way we wanted to. In the early morning hours of her birthday she came racing down the steps and out the front door. We didn’t know until that evening at her birthday dinner that she thought she’d find her birthday gift in the driveway with a big red bow on top. Needless to say, she was bummed to find absolutely nothing there.

Fast forward a couple weeks, <more> endless internet searches, a number of phone calls to far flung places (North Carolina anyone?), planning/cancelling a road trip Upstate. You name it and my husband Mike and I did it, all to try to surprise Tory with her first car: a yellow VW Beetle convertible with automatic transmission.  It was rough trying to keep our search a secret, and after her birthday, we told her that we’d really, really been trying hard to surprise her, but we decided to pull her into the search too since we kept running into problems (she’s kinda like a lucky charm). Turns out that was a good idea since within two weeks we located the car of her dreams a mere 6 miles from our house. Who would think?!

Mike called the dealer on Friday, zipped over to check the car out on Saturday before Tory and I got back from her club softball practice, and basically made it all work out. Bravo Mike. The dealer was a little shocked to find out that the VW was on his lot for slightly more than 24 hours before it sold. We pick up the dreamy little VW this Tuesday night. Tory is excited, thrilled, and amazed at her luck in getting just what she wanted.

What a Perfect Pair: Tory and a Yellow Bug!

Mike and I think the best part of this story is that Tory worked hard and saved her money and paid for half the car. She, smart child that she is, knew we wouldn’t buy her a car “because every other kid in our town gets one when they learn to drive.”

Tory made a deal with Mike, “Dad if I save money towards a car would you match what I save so I can get a VW Beetle? He said, “Yes,” and her saving began.  She saved more money than Mike and I ever thought possible. She worked as a soccer ref in springs and falls. She worked at her Dad’s office in summers. She got a job at the local YMCA. She earned money and she banked it. We’re proud of her efforts and her ability to keep her goal of a car in sight for years. Well done, Tory. Well done.



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3 responses to “The Big Secret – Finally!

  1. Okay, you need to be my mom. I didn’t get a car, even when I offered to pay half haha 🙂

    Kidding aside, that is an awesome car and an amazing gift. You are soooo cool!

    As always, love your blog.

  2. It’s because I stalk you regularly. Or because I’m subscribed to your posts 🙂 Whatever 😉

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