It’s Cold Outside

So It Must Be Time for a Hat

My husband Mike wears hats. He doesn’t wear them to make a fashion statement (at least I don’t think so); he wears them to stay warm. Raise your hand if you are a hat-wearer.


Not a lot of hat wearers, eh?

Mike is mostly bald and what isn’t actually bald is shaved very closely. Super Cuts is his hair salon of choice. The newbie stylists there mostly give him a decent #2 then clip the “trees” sticking up across the top of his head. He has a nice shaped head and it looks pretty good mostly bald, but I digress.

Over the years Mike has amassed a variety of hats to keep his head warm. He’s an orderly kind of guy and each hat he wears matches a particular task he does. Mike’s “I’m going ice fishing” hat is lined with rabbit fur. He wears this hat every February when he goes ice fishing with his high school buddies (to learn more see my February 12th post, “My Husband Mike Makes His Escape”). The soft fur is inside the hat next to his head and the outside is made of a fabric that stops the wind.  Our two Siamese cats love that hat. T-Rex, in particular, has been known to wrestle the “I’m going ice fishing” hat to the floor, then toss it up in the air, catches it in his mouth and toss it up again; he will do that for several minutes, which is a long time for a cat to do anything but sleep. at a time, . The “I’m going ice fishing” hat has earflaps, most important in sub-zero temperatures.

Mike's Go-To Hat for Ice Fishing

Mike’s winter “I’m going to work” hat is made of wool, a soft wool. He puts it on as soon as the mercury dips below 35 degrees and wears it to work daily until the spring thaw. It too has earflaps. Mike really likes earflaps. Our Siamese sniff the “I’m going to work” hat and walk away; they don’t find wool very exciting, I guess.

Earflaps. It's All About Earflaps.

As he’s a serious distance runner and the wind can really freeze you out when you run, Mike has an “I’m going running” hat. It’s black and knitted of a fine, fine cotton. When Mike puts it on he looks like a thief. . .or a thug. My son Max and daughter Tory and I are really divided on the thief versus thug opinion. That hat fits snugly over his head and covers his ears so it doesn’t have earflaps, but he likes it anyway.

Thief or Thug? You Decide.

I wear hats too, only not in the winter. Oh, no. I hate wearing hats when it’s cold outside. Why? Go figure. I like the wind in my hair. I wear hats when the sun shines. I have a small collection of ‘task’ hats: wide brimmed for gardening, fanciful with medium-wide brims for sunning, baseball style for softball game watching. My family is not always a fan of my style choices. I love each hat though.

Stylish or silly, I love my hats. They really make me smile. Below are photos of two from my collection. One stylish hat has an asymmetrical brim and jewels around the crown. And my modified cowboy hat has a curled brim and rawhide braiding.

Stylish or Silly? Depends on Who You Ask.

Stylish or Silly? It's One of My Faves.

What about you? Do you wear a hat? Or have ‘task’ hats?


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  1. love your hats — as for Mike, even as thief or thug those glasses make him recognizable no matter what he has on his head.

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