You Bet I’ll Be Back!

A Shout Out to My New Friends at AutoZone

Tonight Tory drove Sunny, her beloved VW Beetle, to her hitting lesson and I rode shotgun, as usual. It was dreary, dark and raining. Tory had a tough time seeing through the windshield because the wipers kept smearing the rain around instead of flicking it off properly.  I offered to drive to a local AutoZone auto parts store to see if I could get new wipers for Sunny while Tory practiced hitting softballs into orbit.

Friendly, helpful and reasonably priced.

I walked into AutoZone and the young woman at the register greeted me with a smile. After I explained what I needed she asked, “Is the car in the parking lot?”

“Yes,” I replied.

With that, she excused herself and dashed out into the rain to take a look at the style of wipers on Sunny to make sure she sold me the right kind. She returned quickly and walked me over to an entire aisle of windshield wipers. We talked about the merits of the different types of 21” wipers available for Sunny.

I picked a mid-priced model and paid at the register.

Without these babies it's tough to drive in the rain!

The young woman asked, “Would you like help installing them?”

Amazed at the service I had received thus far I said, “Yes.”

The young woman checked out two other customers and then followed me out to Sunny. She changed the first wiper, no problem. The second was more problematic and she called for backup. Two of her coworkers arrived to help, one holding a flashlight and both with good strong fingers. Together the three of them figured out the issue – the existing wiper had been installed backwards on the bracket – and the bracket needed to be released carefully so it wouldn’t break; they needed it to attach the new blade. The three of them were a real team with an easy camaraderie. And they worked well together.

In a very few minutes they had changed the second wiper, smiled and disappeared back into the store saying, “Come back again. We can help you with all you auto needs.”

I left with a smile on my face and a clear windshield. Yes, I do know where I’ll return when Sunny needs another part!

When was the last time you received superior customer service? I was so impressed tonight I got home and logged on to the AutoZone corporate web site and left a warm thank you letter.


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