Toilet Water

When It Just Won’t Quit

I couldn’t even think about this, our family’s latest water disaster, until today. I mean I was completely skeeved out. Perhaps my husband Mike would relay a slightly different version of the sequence of events, but this is my blog and my story.

It doesn't look evil enough to flood the place now does it?

“Where is the plunger?” he yelled in my ear as I lay sleeping.

“Ummm,” I said as I s l o w l y as I rolled over. “Under the half bath sink, I think. Why?”

Part of my brain registered that my husband Mike was moving at light speed, especially for 6:30 am on a Saturday. The other part closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Moments later, I think, I heard him yell. Then he was racing past the bedroom on his way back to the bathroom.

“It’s flooding. The toilet is overflowing downstairs!” he shouted. Or at least I think that’s what he yelled.

Wresting myself from sleep, blissful sleep, I stumbled downstairs to see what exactly was happening. Sometimes I think Mike exaggerates to get my attention.

The fixture from hell or just an innocent victim?

Unfortunately, it was no exaggeration. Water was pouring from the office light fixture onto the mahogany desk, then onto the oak floor. Make that toilet water. It was pouring out of the place where you screw in the light bulb, for goodness sake! I saw my laptop just inches away from being drowned and leaped to save it. Using the towels strewn on the floor I started to mop the water up, but the faster I mopped, the more toilet water poured out of the light fixture. Finally, I ran into the half bath, grabbed the trash can, ran back and positioned it under the worst of the flowing toilet water, which was finally slowing to a fast drip that kept landing in my hair and on my arms as I mopped.

Mike paused, wet towels in hand, in the office doorway. He had wrestled the beast and won: The upstairs toilet finally stopped in mid-flush. And I was hopeful he had cleaned up the toilet and that floor. Peering up at the light fixture while I settled a trashcan under the largest portion of drips, I noticed Mike was dressed to run a race. He handed me more towels and said, “See you later,” as he headed out the door to compete in a 5k race. I did six wash loads of towels and took a shower.

Just some of the towels used to corral the toilet overflow. Bleh.

Helpful Hint: If water is flowing out of your toilet and onto the floor bend over, locate the silver lever on the pipe that supplies water to the toilet and turn it “off.” Truly, this will stop the water from flooding your house and give you enough time to unclog the offending toilet.

Turn this knob and prevent a toilet disaster of epic proportions.

This message has been brought to you by a family who periodically endures water disasters in their home!

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