Brutus! T-Rex!

Are You Ready for Your Close-up?

How close do you want me?

One of my favorite bloggers, Pioneer Woman (PW), is holding another photo contest. I have entered her contests in the past, but I haven’t won. . .unless you count the practice I’m getting with my trusty digital camera. I figure I have just as much chance as anyone else to win a contest. Never mind that anyone, yes, even professionals, can enter PW’s contests. You can mostly tell the photos by professionals. They are the ones with a copyright symbol or name plonked over a section of the photo. And many people enter PW’s contests. Like tens of thousands of people enter. But I continue to think I might win, no matter the odds. Am I an optimist or just silly?

The photo category this week is “macro.” That means photos taken reallyclose to your subject.

If I pull hard enough on the camera strap she'll stop. Right? Right?

Our Siamese cats Brutus and T-Rex hate to have their photos taken, but I thought their body parts would make for interesting close-up photos and besides those cats sleep for large parts of every day. How hard could it be to sneak up on them and snap a few photos? It turns out that it’s Really Hard.

Just as soon as the cats would be dead asleep, I’d get my camera, turn it on in the other room so they couldn’t hear it, then I’d sneak up on them. . .only to find them staring at me warily. After many aborted attempts at “sneaking” I decided to level with them. I explained about the contest and I asked for their cooperation. They listened politely then Rex lifted his leg and washed his butt. Brutus got up and left.

I persisted and finally got a few decent shots.

I love the smell of my crunchies.

I uploaded a photo this afternoon (the limit is one per day) thinking how unique my photo would be. You know, a pink kitty nose. Wrong again. I saw a ton of cat noses among the bajillion photos already submitted to the Flicker site. Oh well. I had fun!


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