Cast Off!

Furniture! Not a Boat!

Bulky Waste! I have succumbed to the lure of our town’s bulky waste days: free furniture, albeit some of it in need of repair/repaint/repurpose. I have wakened my sleeping monster. I have my old adrenaline rush back. I have the urge, no, the need, to cruise my town’s streets at dusk hoping to score treasures for my son Max’s new apartment. I love imagining what they can be, not what they are. I love repurposing items. I love the hunt!

Repaint this pair of chairs and they're good as new!

For years, I have stifled the urge to roam and pick up castoffs at the curb. The castoffs started to get on my husband Mike’s nerves. So much to Mike’s delight I made an agreement with myself a number of years ago: If I bring something into the house, then something else has to exit the house.

I stripped off the seat and back cushions. Next? Black spray paint! See below.

But that was before. That was before my son Max didn’t make the housing lottery at his Big Ten School for next year.

I've already lightly sanded the surfaces and am applying oil stain to this beauty!

Max likes furniture with a little age on it. So I’ve been cruising town and furtively stashing the treasures in our basement, snapping photos and emailing them to Max and his roommate Tim for their thumb’s up or thumb’s down.  It works for Max and me, but Tim thinks we’re a little nutty.

I've cut/sanded the two circles that will make the new top and bottom of this table.

I mean, I get excited about this stuff and the worked that goes into rehabbing it! I’ve already stripped and painted a number of chairs. I’m working on a table. Spray paint is my friend!

This paint job is complete. I'll make the new seat cushion once Max decides on a fabric.


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