Ladies’ Night Out

A Benefit for the MFEE

The MFEE runs terrific FUNdraisers and channels the proceeds back into the local public school system via grants and initiatives.

Last night my daughter Tory and I rushed home from an away high school varsity softball game, zipped through the shower and got to the “Bingo, Baskets, & Blush” fundraiser at The Loft/Bobbie Brown Studio in double-quick time.  It was our first time attending this particular fundraiser organized by The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE for short).

A legal parking space was tough to find, the venue was packed, the volume was high decibel and available seats for Bingo were few. That said, I found my Garden Club friend Celia and she found us seats at a tightly packed bingo table.  Fortified by white wine and cheese & crackers Celia and I got down to the serious business of Bingo. I hadn’t played in more than 30 years and I don’t know how long it had been since Celia had played.

I love to use the Bingo dotter to fill in the (few) called numbers that match those on my boards!

Celia paid close attention to her boards and mine, while I was busy talking to a woman across the table who looked familiar to me. Small world. The woman is the Mom of one of our local public high school hockey heroes. I was delighted to meet her, especially since I’ve cheered her son to victory on more than one occasion at the annual “public vs private” hockey matches over the years.  She is funny and friendly and can talk hockey like a pro!

Not everyone can wear a hot pink polka dotted scarf!

Meanwhile, Tory, dressed in dark jeans, white shirt and a hot pink polka dotted scarf, was one of the teen hostesses; she and the other teens were the go-to people when the organizers needed help. As thanks for their help, each teen hostess received a Bobbie Brown cosmetic. Yes. That Bobbie Brown. She attended the event, of course!

At the end of the evening neither Celia nor I won a Bingo game or a prize basket, but we had fun. And the event raised tens of thousands of dollars to help support local public schools. And that means we all left winners.

No. I didn't win a basket with these tickets.


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