Canada Geese Want to Rule the World

Or at Least a Fair Amount of Acreage in Northern New Jersey

My daughter Tory had a pitching lesson tonight in Wayne, NJ. She drove Sunny, her beloved VW Bug, to the lesson and I rode shotgun. We got out of Sunny, and Tory retrieved her softball glove from Sunny’s trunk. We walked up to the sports facility where she practices and we saw this posted on the entrance door.

Attack Geese? Who Knew?

Are Canada geese friend or foe where you live?

Around these parts we have people who want to protect the geese, even as they sully walkways, soccer fields, softball fields, parkland and the like with pounds and pounds of their poop. The pro-geese folks really love the geese and figure that we are in the geese’s territory and we should give the geese free reign.

On the other side of the equation(!) are those folks who want to abolish the geese, or at least significantly reduce their numbers. These folks want to rid their parklands and playlands of geese and goose poop and hissing, chasing, brave geese, making it safe for people to roam.

Not my favorite birds.

Tory and I didn’t see the geese mentioned in the posted sign tonight, but we might next week.

Paté anyone?



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2 responses to “Canada Geese Want to Rule the World

  1. Pat

    I’m all for immigration reform. Go back to Canada!

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