Car Wash Tomorrow

Volunteer Car Washers? Hello? Where Are You?

Does the car look a little familiar?!

My Honda Pilot is loaded with all of the stuff we’ll need for my daughter Tory’s High School Volleyball Teams’ (Boys and Girls) Car Wash tomorrow. Well, except for the homemade lemonade in the frig and the brownies on the counter. But the important stuff is in the back of the Pilot: hoses, windex, car soap, buckets, sponges, paper towels, regular towels, a couple of chairs, a table, and more.

Now all I need is for some high school-age car washers to show up tomorrow at 9 am to wash the cars. The car wash spans the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. And in that time frame the boys’ volleyball team has practice 10am-12pm; the girls’ team is in ‘off season,’ but many of the girls are on the softball team. And the softball team begins practice tomorrow at 9 am. The varsity softball players can practice for upward of three hours, given the new coach.

Organizing high school student-athletes is like herding cats – it can’t be done. And for someone as organized and as ‘plan in advance and for every eventuality’ as I am, this is really an anxiety-producing event.

“Why did I volunteer to do this?” you ask.

I didn’t.

My friend Jan is supposed to be running this fundraiser. Only life happens. The county track meet is tomorrow and her daughter is throwing the shot put, hopefully really far. So as far as Jan organizing and running a car wash? Well, let’s just say that she has more important stuff to do tomorrow.

I have to admit, though, that I’ve never even attended a fund raising car wash, let alone run one. Truth to tell, I hate getting my feet wet.   That said, I’ll be there with a smile on my face and rubber boots on my feet. And I’ll be praying that those student-athletes whom I cheer on so enthusiastically throughout their season will show up. . .and wash the cars.


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