Canning at ShopRite

Volunteers? Volunteers? Where Are You?

A generous and friendly place to shop and 'can.'

Day two of my daughter Tory’s high school volleyball team’s fundraising weekend took place at our local ShopRite. Yes, people, a few of the girls ‘canned’ for the first time in their young lives.

“What’s that?” some of you ask.

‘Canning’ is the fine art of asking people to donate to your worthy cause – in this case, the local high school volleyball team — outside the exit door of a high-volume store. You stand there with a can in your hand, a smile on your face and ask people to donate money.

The girls on Tory’s team had never done it before so finding willing volunteers was difficult – we ended up not even filling the last two-hour slot. The ‘reluctant ones’ missed out on a fun and educational experience. Never mind that they could have earned enough for their team to buy new matching spandex.

Having done this before, Tory was business-like about it. She hopped out of bed, showered, put on some eyeliner and lipgloss, slipped into her spandex shorts, knee pads, and high school volleyball shirt and was ready to can.  Her teammate Rachel was up to the adventure and joined Tory at ShopRite’s exit doors. I sat inconspicuously to the side, supervising.

To say Rachel was amazed at the generosity of people is likely an understatement. Between the two girls, they almost instantly came up with their pitch phrase, said it in unison repeatedly, politely and with big smiles, and collected a goodly amount of money for their team.

Sasha, a freshman who volunteered for the first shift of the day, was equally amazed and thrilled. She too perfected her pitch, thanked people for listening and collected a goodly amount of money for her team.

That’s not to say everyone was able or willing to donate to the team. But you know what? The girls who canned learned a lot today. They learned that most people are kind and generous. They learned that even if someone doesn’t donate, it doesn’t mean they don’t support your cause. They learned the fine art of bouncing back from a “no.” They were champs.

And our locally owned ShopRite? Kudos to the owners for allowing the girls to can outside.

Success! And New Friends Made!

Car Wash Update: Yesterday my daughter Tory’s high school volleyball teams (boys and girls) had their first joint Car Wash. It was a rousing success.  But I did take a few notes in case <shudder> I supervise another one:

  • Teenage laborers do not get out of bed early enough to start a car wash at 9 am, no matter what they say. Start it at 10 am or be prepared to wash any cars that show up before 10 am alone.
  • Use the sunscreen you brought for the kids or suffer the consequences.
  • Don’t let the kids pile their phones and valuables on the table right next to you since something is bound to get lost, even if you never leave the table by itself.
  • Make three pans of homemade brownies because two isn’t enough.
  • Keep smiling because they really are funny people.


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2 responses to “Canning at ShopRite

  1. Lita

    And I though you were going to talk about canning fruits and vegetables! Glad Tory and her friends pulled in money to support their team, and overcame all rejections. You are right. Most of us do experience rejection and handling a “No” is a VERY fine art. I am glad to have the advice on the car wash, too. Before too long I am sure my daughter will be involved in activities like these with my grandkids. Looks like she’ll need it!

    • Lita:
      Essex County people don’t know what ‘canning’ is. Bergen County people have it down to a science! I see a learning curve here!
      Your grandkids’ car washes and other fundraisers will benefit from your presence too. The kids like to have the adults around, especially when they supply food!

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