Barney’s Cleanup Song?

Uh, That’s So Not Me, But I Was Singing Anyway

I was happy to see the last of Barney.

I remember Barney the purple dinosaur singing, “Clean up. Clean up. Everybody. Everywhere. Clean up. Clean up. Everybody do your share.

That ‘s so not my world anymore, but the song played in an endless loop in my head as my husband Mike and I unloaded my Honda Pilot on Saturday late afternoon.

One Honda Pilot loaded to the gills with leftovers* to put away from the high school volleyball car wash I supervised:

2 long hoses (emptied of dribbles)

5 bottles of car cleanser (packed away for the next(!!) time)

3 bottles of half-used Windex and a gallon of backup supply (you didn’t think I planned for heavy Windex usage?!)

4 double rolls of Bounty towels (hey, we only used 3)

4 filthy tire scrubbers (scrubbed clean and stored)

9 filthy sponges (scrubbed clean and stored)

6 buckets (scrubbed clean and stored—see a pattern here?)

1 large trash bag

10 posters advertising said car wash (stored for the next(!!) time)

1 permit from the local Board of Ed

18 filthy towels (bleached, washed and stored for the next(!!) time)

Then I put away:

2 now-broken hose nozzles

1 card table

3 folding chairs

1 cooler

2 volleyballs

1 roll double-sided tape,

1 pir of scissors

1 slightly used can of suntan lotion

2 empty pans of brownies

2 empty gallon containers of homemade lemonade

* Please note that I did all the washing up, cleaning up, drying out, putting away, and any other manual labor.

It’s what Moms do, right?



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