Memorial Day Weekend

Big Doins

Big doins in Happy Volley!

It’s the first day of a big holiday weekend! My daughter Tory and I will be travelling to her brother’s Big Ten College so she can play in a huge East Coast volleyball tournament. She will be playing with her volleyball club’s 16s team. The team may get beat up a little bit, but the experience will be great. And the girls will get to meet and greet the number one women’s college volleyball players in the nation. That’s big!

State Sectional Final game today.

First, though, Tory’s high school softball team will be playing in the State Sectional championship game this afternoon at 4pm. Wish them luck! Good thing (for me anyway) is that Tory’s team will travel to the other team’s field and said field is about 45 minutes west of us. Anything west of us is good since as soon as the last softball is hit and the last out is made, Tory and I will be driving into the sunset toward volleyball land.

My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Chester will be meeting us at Big Ten College. I’m really excited to see them!! I will be staying in the dorms, and I’ve read that I won’t have internet access as it’s password protected.  If I don’t talk to you I hope you have fun, stay safe and are happy this weekend!

Where would we be without our veterans?

Hug a Veteran.


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