Can You Spell “Exhausted?”

I can. . . e  x  h . . .zzz. . .

Back from Happy Volley.

More than 40 courts. . .in more than 5 buildings. . .over 3 days.

Back from a road trip that should have taken three hours, but instead took double that on the way out.

Back from a mind-numbing number of volleyball games.

Back from sleeping in a single, dorm room bed.

Back to 11 loads of laundry, two jobs that collided today, no food in the frig, a VW Bug on the fritz and exhaustion. . .just plain exhaustion.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

Stay tuned for a story or two. . .that would be tomorrow. Yes. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

P.S. My daughter Tory’s high school softball team lost their State Sectional final on Friday afternoon. It was a hard-fought, clean game by both teams. Final score 1-0. Tough break for a talented team.

Running with the Big Dogs...stay tuned!


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