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A Day in the Garden

With Some Necessary Deviations

TV stand: A gray coat of primer (thanks, Ginger!) first.

TV stand: and now for some rejuvenating gloss black paint.

I looked like crap, but I had a smile on my face. I got to work in my garden most of yesterday. I started at 8:30 by pulling out the canvas drop cloth and sanding, wiping, then priming the former fish tank stand (my son Max will use it as his TV stand in his new college apartment) and putting the final spray coat on a rescued wooden tray (I’ll use this summer, if I’m ever home on a weekend).

In my mind I was supposed to start by pruning the skip laurels around the air-conditioning units on the east side of the house since I think a skunk is living under them (based on the nightly skunk stench we’ve been smelling for more than a week and the fact that my husband Mike’s magnificent grass is being ravaged in the dark of night by some creature likely looking for grubs). Anyway, that’s why I started with the spray painting.  . . .because I might meet a skunk. Does your brain operate the same way mine does?

What lurks beneath the skip laurels?

Nothing! Nothing lurks beneath the skip laurels!

After I put a second coat of spray paint on the (was red, now yellow) wooden tray I had Max rescue from someone’s garbage (at the same time he rescued an old metal three -tier rolling cart we’re going to resurrect and he’s going to use in his college apartment), I pruned the skip laurels. The good news is that I didn’t find the skunk. The bad news is that I didn’t find the skunk. The skip laurels looked a lot better after I finished pruning them.

I moved on to the roses draped over the arbor located hard by the skip laurels. I had been meaning to prune out the dead wood and cut them back for the last couple of years. Yesterday was the day I started (and today’s the day I plan to finish).

Don't get me started on Sunny/Cloudy and her issues.

I stopped pruning to run Sunny/Cloudy, my daughter Tory’s VW bug to the auto repair shop (I refuse to ruin my blog post by ranting about what that entailed.)

After that I planted five large, but unknown tubers (label your leftovers!) I brought home from my girlfriend Pat’s house last fall; got the ground-level ball fountain leveled,  filled and bubbling; filled the bird feeders; cleaned and relocated the bird bath; weeded anything within arm’s length; and then dragged all the houseplants out of my sunroom and into the yard, where I placed them decoratively around the place. This project left me with a barren sunroom, but I’ll think about that next week, after we return from Binghamton, NY, the location of Tory’s weekend college showcase softball tournament.

Happy Thursday, my friends! I’m heading back outside to my own little oasis. What are you doing?

P.S. Last night I ground fresh pepper on the large area of Mike’s grass that’s being ravaged by an unknown creature under cover of darkness, and guess what? It worked!! The creature ravaged another section of the lawn instead!!! Don’t tell Mike, ok?

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