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An Upstate NY-Only Taste Treat?

They must be 'real' if someone made up a neon sign advertising them, right?

We saw them listed on the menu board at the softball tournament’s snack shack: “chicken spiedies.”  Never having heard of them or seen them on a menu before we had to try one so my husband Mike bought a chicken spiedie at 10:30 Saturday morning for us to share.  If you think that’s a little early to be eating a chicken sandwich, please note that we had been up since 6 am and at the softball field since 7 am. In the early morning softball world, 10:30 am is lunch time.

The sandwich, served on a fresh hoagie roll, is made of chunked up and grilled white meat chicken that is marinated in a panoply of herbs and spices. I took a bite and my taste buds registered chicken, pepper, and. . .vinegar? A slightly sour taste, for sure.

Others in our greater softball family bought and ate the spiedies. Most loved the taste. Some, as intrigued as we were, asked around and found out that spiedies can be made using chicken or pork. One Dad said he was told that the Binghamton, NY area has a three-day spiedie festival every year!

Take a look at the chicken spiedie served at the softball tournament.

No local could or would tell us what is used in the marinade. I’m sticking to my theory that it contains vinegar. Do you know? Have you ever tried one in your travels?


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