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Stairway to Heaven

Either real people or some sort of search thingy has searched the above word and phrase and ended up on a blog post I wrote December 4, 2009 (Happy Birthday, Dear Linda) about the day my sister Linda died. Funny thing. Nowhere in that post do I ever mention ‘heaven’ or ‘stairway to heaven.’ Yet, day after day for almost three weeks, the hits on my site for that particular post continued to climb. . .to well past 500 hits.

It’s weird for me to have so many hits, particularly when the hits came many months after the original blog post appeared. I’ve tried searching the word and the phrase on Google and have not found my post in any of the results. Did another search engine pick it up? Did someone else with a ‘more popular’ blog post a link to my blog post? Has my sister Linda left me more than dimes along sidewalks and streets? Has she played a heavenly joke on me?

I can’t figure it out. Can you?


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