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The Scenic Route

Travel It at Your Own Risk

If your team is lucky you get to play on one of the 4 main fields at the main complex.

We picked up/travelled with one of the Tory’s fellow pitchers/1st basemen to and from the TNT Showcase Tournament softball games held in Quakertown, PA on Thursday. It was fun to be with Jess and her mom Jean. Jean loyally follows her navigational device to get to/from unfamiliar locations, and while I have and use our nav, aka Tom Tom, I still look at a map, print out directions and follow them (not Tom Tom) 90% of the time; Tom Tom squawks in the background while I confidently make turn after turn as I listen to what Tory reads off the directions I’ve created. It works for me and has gotten us to/from many, many softball games.

That said, coming home from the games on Thursday, I was driving and decided to “relax,” “go with the flow” and use Tom Tom to get us back to Route 78 East toward NJ and civilization. Off we went Jean, Jess, Tory and me with Tom Tom squawking at me authoritatively. I, obediently, followed his every instruction.

We started on a two-lane busy road, segued to a two-lane country road, then turned onto what appeared to be someone’s driveway. By this time I was starting to sweat, even though I chatted up a storm with Jean.

Tom Tom told me to “keep straight then turn right in 500 feet.” We turned onto a narrow GRAVEL ROAD, on which we travelled for about 4 miles, turned left onto a narrow country road that followed the twists and turns of an old canal, then river on our right, and crossed over a ONE-LANE bridge. During this portion of the trip Tom Tom had mapped out for us, we saw two kinds of cows, many deer, groundhogs and more.

Tom Tom wasn’t done and we hadn’t reached Route 78 and civilization yet. Jean and I told each other how nice and scenic the drive had turned out to be. We commented how nice it was that we didn’t have to be home at any particular time. We smiled at each other.

Tom Tom ordered me to turn right onto a metal grating suspension bridge that hung over the river we’d been following. The bridge lane was so narrow that I should have pulled in the side-view mirror on my Honda Pilot so it didn’t smash into the oncoming cars’ mirrors. Thank goodness the oncoming vehicles had their mirrors tucked away. . .and thank goodness I didn’t encounter a Hummer on that bridge or I would have been done for. We reached NJ on the other side of the bridge and kept twisting and turning our way toward what we hoped was Route 78.

We passed horse farms and farm markets, fields of corn and hay, deer and rabbits. Jean and I told each other how nice and scenic the drive had turned out to be. We commented how nice it was that we didn’t have to be home at any particular time. We smiled at each other.

Here's where it all went wrong, and I pulled into a Shammy Shine Car Wash lot.

We finally got to Route 78, but by this time my Honda Pilot “felt funny.” Mentally shrugging, I drove onto the entrance ramp to the highway, picking up speed as I went. The car behind us pulled up along side, the man in the passenger seat motioned wildly to me that something was wrong, and my Honda Pilot felt even funnier than before.

Yep. That's my tire on my Honda Pilot.

So, do you think it was the 4 miles of gravel road? Or was it something on the one-lane bridge? Or was it a nail on the entrance ramp to civilization?

The guy who showed up and changed my flat was as nice as can be. Thanks, God.

Thank heavens for Geico roadside assistance. And the guy who changed my flat. And his girlfriend who was riding shotgun and kept an eye on things. And Jean and Jess, who took it all in stride.

I lead a very boring life. How about you?


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