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Vacation Bible School: Let Me Finish Up

Baobab Blast Crafts

The kids enjoyed singing and playing and learning under the baobab tree.

Our church recently ran a 5-day vacation Bible school based on the Baobab Blast theme. You’ve already seen the spectacular decorations and initial craft projects as I wrote about them here and here.  We finished the five-day crafting extravaganza with two final projects.

Day 4: Tissue-Paper Decorated Bowl. Although this craft was recommended for second and third graders, the kids at our church  — both younger and older than that — had fun making these beautiful paper bowls together. Many of the kids hadn’t tried to use tissue paper and thinned glue to make the sort of stained glass-effect bowls we made. All to the good. They were inquisitive and creative in their crafting that day!

Simple and inexpensive supplies. . .

The kids gathered round the table and listened carefully as we talked about caring for other; they jumped in with comments and stories of their own.   Then they began a veritable frenzy of gluing and sticking the tissue paper onto the inside of their bowls. After the kids completely covered the inside of their bowls, we showed them how to paint the thinned glue over the whole shebang. One child, concerned that his bowl “looked ugly,” kept asking me why the sample bowl looked so pretty and his didn’t. I reassured him that with a little faith in the process and a little time to dry his bowl would be “beautiful” too. That seemed to satisfy him. And truth to tell, the bowls all did look beautiful.

Added up to a beautiful finished bowl.

Again, not a lot of cash for . . .

Day 5: Double-Cup Message Insert. My son Max filled in as lead crafter for this project. He and our friend Tara talked the kids through the day’s theme: “sharing your faith.” And while they talked, the kids listened, chatted and created their own small reminder of the day. The kids slipped precut colored-paper inserts onto which they glued the day’s Bible reminder into the outside cup, then they inserted another cup inside the first one (that holds the Bible verse in place). After they admired their work, they filled the inside cup with some potting soil, added a handful of grass seed and watered it lightly. They had a great take-home planter to give a friend to “share their faith.”

. . . a fun and easy take-home gift.

VBS crafting was fun. It was great to spend time with kids significantly younger than my own. And the younger kids, the boys in particular, enjoyed spending time with my 19-year-old son. Volunteer your time. Help the kids learn important life lessons. You, like me, will be glad you did.


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