What about Zucchini Boats?

These buggers grow at a rapid rate!

Today I picked three zucchini from my freshly weeded vegetable garden. . .and more are ripening rapidly! So far, then, I’ve picked five zucchini from the three baby plants I planted in May. I expected more, just not so fast. If this rate of ripening keeps up, I may have to take a cue from my girlfriend Carole and start leaving them on my neighbors’ doorsteps!

Or I might have to branch out in my recipe making to  . . .ahhhhhh. . .maybe zucchini “boats!” I vaguely remember having something like that years ago at an Italian restaurant in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The chef sliced a whole zucchini lengthwise, then scraped out the flesh, leaving a shell. He would chop and sauté a mélange of shredded zucchini, onions, and garlic and load the zucchini “boat.” After it baked for a while, he’d top it with breadcrumbs and good parmesan cheese and set it under the broiler to meld the flavors together and melt the cheese.



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