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Rained Out

But Still Fun

It’s finally happened. Yep. Softball was RAINED OUT for today, Saturday. It’s the first time this season that weather has impeded play. My daughter Tory and I are in Morgantown, PA for a college showcase tournament called Pegasus. Her team got in one game last night. . .a real nail biter that ended in a tie score. . . with only a single-cloud outburst letting loose over our heads near the end of the 7th inning.

Today. Well, today we weren’t as lucky. It poured rain. Buckets of rain. And windy. Tory slept for hours in her bed at the Holiday Inn. Bless her.

There's a quilt shop in the balcony above Martin's Food Store! Weird but true!

This weekend is a trip back in time for me in one sort of way. You see, I used to quilt, and this area of PA has loads of quilt shops and fabric stores that cater to quilters. I’ve visited this area, this town, before. With my sister Cindy. With my Mom and her friends. With my beloved Italian girlfriend Anna (whom I blame for getting me to quilt in the first place).

The bacon! The bacon! YUM!!

I ate breakfast The Windmill Restaurant, hard by Martin’s Country Store. The Hayloft Quilt Shop is located in the balcony of the store. Gobs, or whoopee pies if you prefer, are homemade in Martins. I bought 2 packs of the minis and stashed them in my Pilot for later. I also bought honey butter and small red and white potatoes. Ah yes, and whole mustard seeds. You can buy small amounts of fresh bulk dried herbs and other stuff at places like Martin’s here in PA.

You say Whoopie Pies. I say Gobs. Whatever! They taste great!

Funny thing, when I was leaving The Windmill, I looked up the hill and saw “Goodwill Outlet.” I ambled in and found end tables for my son Max’s college apartment. And they match the round leatherette-topped table my husband Mike and I scored from someone’s trash a month or so ago! After wedging the two end table into my Honda Pilot I was a happy Mom!!

P.S. I have photos ‘stuck’ in my camera; the problem is that I can’t find the correct wire to get them into my beloved Mac. Bear with me here, folks!

P.P.S. We’re home and I found the camera cord so here are the photos. Today’s softball games — 3 — were all wins for Tory’s team. She pitched great. And played first great! Good job Rampage!!


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