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Infiniti G Series Convertible

Car Shopping, Part 2

When we travel for my daughter Tory’s softball tournaments we are sometimes left with large chunks of time during which no softball is being played. When this occurs my husband Mike and I look at each other, trying to figure out what we can do that (1) fills the time and (2) might be fun. This past weekend in Delaware we had a chunk of time during which Tory had no games and went shopping with her teammates. That left Mike and me with time on our hands that we filled with a visit to a local Infiniti dealer.

Since I’m in the market for a new car and said car “must” be a convertible, it narrows my choices considerably. And given that the vehicle I drive has to be big and beefy enough to compete with the challenging drivers who roar down the parkways and turnpikes of New Jersey, that narrows my choices even more. And did I mention that the vehicle has to be “hot?”

Yes. Well.

A hot vehicle, but no longer manufactured so I'd have to buy it used.

After my Fourth of July weekend experience driving the Chevy SSR, which is no longer manufactured so I’d have to buy “used,” I figured I should give some other, new vehicles a chance to wow me. That said, I did a little research and decided an Infiniti G series convertible was worth checking out.

My husband Mike agreed. In fact, he suggested going car shopping last weekend! Remember, this is the man who says he’ll drive anything because “transportation is transportation.” He researched and found a local dealer near our hotel, called to make sure they had a G series convertible and off we went. Lee, our salesperson, was a well-informed expert on the vehicle. Not only that, I got to drive one of their loaner fleet convertibles!

Infiniti convertible: power, styling and comfort, but is it "me?"

The G series convertible is tremendous fun. I slid into the driver’s seat and the backs of my legs and small of my back were greeted with cool-air comfort. The leather seat is air-conditioned, folks! And the Bose sound system includes speakers in the headrest near my ears so that when the roof is down I don’t miss a beat of music.

When I had to go in reverse the cameras located toward the rear of the vehicle helped me maneuver the car expertly without me ever having to turn my head. All I did was stare at the computer screen on the dashboard and line up my lines of sight. Yeesh! I have to admit that it was kinda weird not to twist around, craning my neck trying to see where I was going though.

I started the engine and heard a beefy, muffled roar. <shiver> And I took off out of the parking lot and into traffic. Driving in Delaware appears to be a series of left turns and the Infiniti maneuvered them with aplomb. It hugged the road on curves and the steering became tighter and tighter as I accelerated. The ride was smooth and comfortable, but I still knew I was driving a sports car.

Since we returned to New Jersey I’ve been looking for one of these cars on the road, to no avail. Okay, people! Where are the Infiniti G convertibles hiding?

The Infiniti G has a beautifully designed interior.

With this interior color?

What do you think of this exterior color?


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