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Time Out

After Club Softball

A grueling every-weekend schedule.

It was eight grueling weeks long and now it’s over. Yep. My daughter Tory just finished her eighth consecutive weekend of playing fast pitch softball. Most weekends started with games on Fridays; however, a fair number started with games on Thursdays. And a couple memorable “weekends” started on Wednesdays for us. Travel time can be beastly sometimes.

Now it’s time for a brief rest. . .Tory and her teammates slept at their teammate Ashley’s house last night, and the majority of the girls headed for the Jersey Shore early this morning for some fun in the sun.

Where did the girls go today? I'm not telling!

And me? I slept until 8 am, did eight loads of laundry and cleaned out the refrigerator, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and petted my two affectionate Siamese cats, Brutus and T-Rex. I’ve missed them and they’ve missed me.

My loyal Siamese: Brutus on left and T-Rex on right.

My husband Mike is away on his annual summer fishing trip with his high school buddies so I’ve been alone in the cool house all day.

Tonight is my niece Moriah’s surprise baby shower. I can’t wait! I wrapped the baby’s presents and am about to get dressed and go. I’m so looking forward to the evening with family.

Happy Saturday, my friends!


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