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Siamese Cats

Home Again with My Loyal Companions

Since the summer travel softball season has ended I’ve been reconnecting with my beloved Siamese companions, Brutus and T-Rex. On Sunday we spent the entire day together.

With my husband Mike off for a weekend of bass fishing with his high school buddies and the kids otherwise occupied, the cats and I were home alone.

They helped me rearrange the chaise lounge in the sunroom so we had the most advantageous view of the backyard, birds and butterflies included.

We gave ourselves a new view of the backyard!

A great view from my comfy chaise.

T-Rex (left) and Brutus climb aboard their 'Mom sofa.'

They helped me read a pile of magazines, frequently pointing out items of interest with a furry paw or tail flick on the page; occasionally, they plopped their entire butt on a page when they disagreed with the premise of an article I was reading.

Brutus looked me in the eye, then sat his butt squarely on a magazine photo spread I just showed him. Clearly, he weighed in on fall fashions.

When they tired of the close-up magazine commentary, they leaped into their cat tower, from which they surveyed me and our domain for the rest of the afternoon.

Nothing escapes the interest of a nosy Siamese. . .or two.

They continued to weigh in with opinions on the articles and fashion spreads I showed them, though. A simple “merrow” signaled agreement with my commentary, while a more gutteral “rrrrow” indicated disagreement. When in strong disagreement with me Brutus lifted his leg and washed his butt. T-Rex, yawning mightily, would twist his head in what looked like a complete circle and survey me from his upside-down position. He’s not the smartest of the two cats, but he’s by far the more entertaining!

Maybe not the smartest Siamese.

. . .but certainly the most entertaining!


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