Calphalon Pots and Pans

Final Decision

Calphalon cookware. Isn't it handsome?

After more than 15 years of happily using my red Chantal cookware, I am passing it on to my son Max. He’s returning to his sophomore year of college in mid-August and will be living in his first apartment. He said he’s looking forward to cooking his own healthy meals.

Max has been eyeing my pots and pans all summer, I think. He loves the red color of the Chantal cookware, which will match his new kitchen, and I think he likes the idea of bringing something from home to make his apartment more home-like.

With my Chantal cookware I've cooked some awesome meals.

The decision to gift Max my current cookware was an easy one. It’s served our family well over the years, but I am ready to try another brand. As they used to say on that old TV cigarette commercial, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” Cookware-wise, I am anxious to experience a more modern approach to stick-free cooking!!

No worries about scratching the non-stick finish now!

At the beginning of the summer I purchased a set of Calphalon sauté pans. I love them! They go from stovetop to oven, unlike my Chantal, and they clean up quickly and easily. My only concern was that the kids would use metal utensils on the non-stick-finished pans when they were cooking. . .and they would ruin the finish. That said, I spoke to each teen in turn and I do believe they listened. That and the fact that I “hid” all the metal utensils I own in a nearby drawer!

Thinking that with the sauté pans so easy to cook with and clean up, the rest of the line had to be equally as good, I wandered into Macy’s to check out the different brands, including Calphalon. It was my lucky Tuesday afternoon as a knowledgeable salesperson was free and easily talked about the various brands and helped me compare the choices. I left with the 10-piece Calphalon set, which included a “bonus” chili pot and set of utensils.

Who would figure I'd be so excited about new pots and pans?

I got right down to business. . .washing all the new pots and pans.

I unpacked my new cookware at home,  washed the new pots in hot soapy water and put them away. I haven’t cooked a huge meal using them yet, though. And the likelihood of me doing so this weekend is nil.

Cool runnin' Mon.

Have I told you yet?

We are leaving for Jamaica on Monday morning!! We have been packing and daydreaming about this big family trip. My husband Mike’s family is all going – Pop Pop and his girlfriend Alice, Cathy and Joe and their two kids and a girlfriend, Betsy and Phil and their son Andrew and a friend, and Judy and Rob and their daughter and her cousin from Rob’s side of the family. Ah, yes, and Tory is bringing her ice hockey playing friend Heidi.

Can’t Wait!!


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