Lilly the Orange Rescue Kitten

Formerly Know as Orange Kitty (or OK for short!)

Lilly stares at me while I work. She wants to play.

Do you remember me telling you about Orange Kitty (Meet Orange Kitty and Sam) back in June? I called her OK for short? She lives where I work on Tuesdays. Her mistress, my boss, renamed OK “Lilly” when I wasn’t there. So now Lilly keeps me company when I work.

Sometimes Lilly will sit and stare out the window, but mostly

It’s not easy working with Lilly around. You see, she’s a kitten, a smart kitten, who’s really, really cute. I have trouble focusing on my work when she comes tumbling into the room where I sit.

. . .she wants me to play with her.

She purrs nonstop as she putters around looking for fun stuff to do.

She sits on my mouse pad to slow down my work, but speed up how often she gets petted!

She meows, but barely a sound comes out.

She's a persistent kitty too.

She hops in and out of my purse looking for something to steal.

If I attempt to ignore Lilly, she starts looking for something to do in my purse.

And she'll even hop into my purse just to get my attention!

She doesn’t know it, but she’s already stolen my heart.


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