Jamaica, Day 3

A Perfect Cup of Tea

If you know me well, you know I can be a real pain when it comes to my hot tea in the morning. I don’t usually let anyone else make it for me. In fact, I’m pretty well convinced that no one can make me tea as good as I can for myself. Gee. It’s pretty painful to read that, but I know it’s true.

Funny thing is that I’m not a tea snob per se. It isn’t that I need a high end, super fresh tea ball brew. Oh, no. I am happy with an orange pekoe or other rich black tea in a teabag. My local ShopRite food store has any number of tea bag brands that I would happily use.

Here in Jamaica I have been served the perfect ingredients for a perfect cup of tea. I’m reveling in the piping hot water with a nice Tetley brand tea bag in it. But what makes my breakfast tea here really, really perfect is the milk. The milk comes to the table warm. Warm!!

Ingredients for a perfect cup of tea.

I love to watch the tea brew, then almost burn my fingers on the hot metal handle of the little teapot as I pour the brew into my cup. I add some Sweet n Low, pick up the warmed milk in its little carafe and pour it carefully into my cup. The brew turns milky, but it’s still piping hot and as tasty as tasty can be. I close my eyes to better savor the taste. It’s bliss in a cup.

Warmed milk puts the "perfect" in a perfect cup of tea!

Recognizing that the former has nothing to do with the latter, I still wanted to share this photo with you. We had dinner last night at “The Steakhouse” here on property. One of our waiters has what I consider a real skill. And he was kind enough to allow me to take a photo to show you.

So? what do you think??


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