Illness and Theft Mixed with Sun and Fun

Our flight home from Jamaica was uneventful. We, all 20 of us family members who vacationed together, took off early Saturday morning for our separate home airports: NJ, PA, MO via GA. Some of us left the resort at 7:30 am, while others left at 9:30 am. We had a great time, but “real” life beckoned.

Poor Cathy. Her coloring really wasn't great all week.

My sister-in-law Cathy, who had arrived in Jamaica the previous Saturday (2 days earlier than the rest of us) with her daughter and her daughter’s girlfriend, left Jamaica less ill than she was earlier in the week. Poor Cathy had the vomits, the poops, and roiling belly pains for much of the vacation. That said, she was a real trooper, never complaining. Her husband Joe, he-man and rugby player, nursed a Technicolor rugby wound of massive proportions “down there” while in Jamaica, and when he jumped off the cliff at Rick’s Café on Thursday night, he made it worse. Joe limped home.

My sister-in-law Judy and her husband Rob, they of the delicate stomachs, felt fine in Jamaica; however, it didn’t take long after they reached home before they became violently ill. Poor Rob is so ill he can’t drive Morgan home to OH. Happily, Morgan loves her relatives and her relatives love her so it’s a treat that she gets to spend an extra week with her cousin Samantha in St Louis.

Time will tell if the rest of us become ill. And time (plus a little lab work) will tell if our beloved family caught a bug, bacterial or otherwise.

Pick a card. Any card. And it can be stolen in Jamaica.

Separately, we received word from my sister-in-law Betsy this morning:

“I just wanted also to let you know that I received a call from my credit card company that over $300 was charged to my credit card at a boutique in Jamaica on Wednesday.

The card had expired at end of July, and when I was going though my pile of bills before I left, I called to activate it.  I thought that I did not even bring it with me, as this is a card I hardly every use.  But now as I am looking, I can’t find the new card.   The credit card company told me the card was actually swiped and not used for any type of on-line shopping.   
I had my pocketbook locked in the hotel safe the whole time. I don’t even think I opened up my wallet at all on the trip.”

Later on my sister-in-law Judy responded:

“The bad news is Rob’s American Express was used while we were in the air coming home from Jamaica via Atlanta.  Amex said the card was swiped at a Macy’s in Atlanta for over $200 worth of items and denied due to lack of ID.  It is very baffling to us since Rob had his Amex on him and they said it was swiped.  Soooo, we have cancelled the card and being re-issued another one.”

Mike and I have been checking our accounts as has our son Max for the credit cards we took with us. So far, we have no problems to report. My father-in-law Ken hasn’t weighed in yet so we aren’t sure if anything happened with his accounts.

Suffice to say, we don’t have any explanations for the thefts by credit card and we’re really, really disappointed, particularly since we were all cautious about using the hotel safe and all.


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  1. paf

    hey betsy forgot to tell you our first day we were so quick to get to the pool that we failed to take time to place the pocketbook in the safe and hide it in the refrigerator. we think while we were out the person who restocks the drinks came across her purse. the rest is history live and learn from one half of the ideal couple.

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