U-Haul to Go

On the Move with Max

The big furniture isn't in here, but there sure is a lot of stuff!

Well, our living room has been the gathering place for all the stuff my son Max will need to begin apartment living at Big Ten College. We’ve been dumpster jumping and refurbishing our finds all summer. We’ve scoured our house for just the right things for him to take. And we’ve purchased some new items for him. It looked like a lot of stuff and furniture crammed in that room. . .until we picked up the U-Haul this morning and saw how big IT is!

The key to our lives over the next couple of days.

We couldn’t get a 10′ truck, which is the smallest that would fit our old sofa, anywhere but in a bad section of Newark, NJ. So for the same price we got a 14′ truck from a U-Haul rental place closer to home. I drove it safely about 5 miles back to our house, although I narrowly missed parked cars with the big side mirrors, according to Max, who was following me.

The mirrors stick out an extra 12'-14' on each side!

It was a real squeeze play to drive on Bloomfield Avenue, our local, crowded, parallel-parked main drag, but I did it. And with Max’s help I backed that sucker up into our narrow driveway and didn’t damage the truck or my self-esteem. One try and presto!

Let the packing begin!

NO WAY will we fill this truck up. It all wouldn't fit into the apartment if we did!!


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One response to “U-Haul to Go

  1. Loryl

    I saw cleaning supplies in the pile of things…are you sure those are Max’s? Hope packing and traveling all goes well!!!

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