New Baby Alert!

He’s a Boy!!

My niece Moriah went into labor at about midnight last night. Her husband thought it was a dry run since the baby wasn’t due for another four weeks. Her brother LJ, who had slept at Moriah’s house last night, wasn’t taking any chances and followed them to a local hospital where Ariel said he expected Moriah to be checked and sent home. Not.

I received my first text from LJ at 6:05 am letting me know Moriah was in labor.

At 8:22 am I received a second text from LJ, “Just had him.”

LJ was over the moon. . .that his sister was doing fine after a fast and furious delivery and his new nephew is healthy.

Baby Nathaniel weighs 4 pounds 15 ounces and is 18 inches long. He is four weeks early, at least according to Moriah’s doctor. Of course, according to Nathaniel, he is right on time.

White roses for my niece.

I couldn’t wait to see my niece and my new great-nephew. So I ran to get some white roses for her and some newborn diapers for him, then jumped in my Honda Pilot and drove south on the Garden State Parkway. I must have had a brain fart because I got off the Parkway five exits early, but still managed to find my way to the hospital (thanks for the guiding hand, Daddy!) through unfamiliar territory. Whew!

My sister Cindy and I spent the afternoon with Moriah, keeping an eye on her, walking to the nursery window to gaze adoringly at Nathaniel, and talking. It was a magical afternoon of happiness and full hearts.

Dear friends, meet Nathaniel.

My niece, a new mom, with her darling baby boy, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel, meet your fans!



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2 responses to “New Baby Alert!

  1. Eileen

    Congrats to all! The white roses…Linda was there with you all. Love, Eileen

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