Most Car Dealerships Have Cafes

Strange, But True

Given that my husband Mike and I have visited about 10 car dealerships in our search for the perfect new car for me, I became a sort of expert on the drink offerings at the various dealerships. I mean, I got thirsty with all that test driving, especially the Saturday we visited four dealerships in one day.

At the BMW dealership we visited Mike and I could have ordered a fruit smoothie, prepared by a person specially hired by the dealership to make them for us. I didn’t like the BMW I test drove and I definitely don’t like smoothies.

At the Volvo dealership I didn’t see any coffee or water or anything offered to potential car buyers. Like the Volvos they sell, the dealership was solid, but not flashy. Perhaps the Swedes figured we’ll buy their car so fast we wouldn’t have time to get thirsty.

At the Infiniti dealership there was a small but stylish coffee bar. The Infiniti G37 I test drove is a very fast car, and like that car, the dealership’s coffee bar was set up for maximum speed. The Japanese make a good cup of tea, but no tea was offered at the Infiniti coffee bar.

Who knew car dealerships named their cafes?!

At the Audi dealership’s Quattro Café a variety of tea and coffee was available.

Something for everyone at the Quattro Cafe.

I selected my beverage of choice, chai tea, walked the little sealed container over to the “coffee” machine and popped it in its slot. I closed the lid, pressed the button for an 8-ounce cup and presto! Out came piping hot tea!

This is a nifty "coffee" machine!

After adding sweetener and milk I had a perfect cup. The café was just right for me, maybe because I’m part German? Or could it be because I’m an “Audi person?”


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