Birthday Greetings

My Great Nephew Turned Five

Aidan seemed mesmerized by the flame on his birthday candle.

It seems like only yesterday (gosh what a trite saying) my great nephew Aidan was born. And now he’s five (well, okay, really, really soon he’ll turn five!). He’s starting kindergarten half-days this month!

We got together at his grandma’s (my sister Cindy) house over the weekend to celebrate Aidan’s milestone birthday. It was a delight to see the family, especially my new-parent niece Moriah and her husband Ariel (update: They brought preemie Nathaniel home from the hospital today!).

Aidan kept busy all Sunday afternoon; he played with new-friend Haylie, daughter of my nephew LJ’s lovely girlfriend. The two kids ran around, were swinging on the swings and doing what kids their age do. I even got to color with the kids for a brief moment!

The adults sat around and talked, laughed and generally had a great time catching up with each other. The steaks were tasty and it was a relaxed and fun afternoon.

Cindy and her 'grill boy' husband Mike sure know how to cook.

Aidan enjoyed his birthday cake and gifts. He’s into Star Wars legos in a big way and his family gifted him a couple of sets and cash for more. Aidan was happy a happy boy!

Aidan loves to rip off wrapping paper to see what's inside.

Happy Birthday Aidan!


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