Tory’s New Debit Card

Another Milestone

My daughter Tory has worked at our local YMCA for a year now. She arranged to have her Y paychecks direct deposited in her savings account so she wouldn’t spend the money (her words, not mine).

Fast forward to this summer and Tory is working a couple of days a week at a local Mexican restaurant in addition to her Y job. She wants, no needs, to cash her restaurant paychecks to pay for gas for her beloved VW Sunny and other sundries.

I understand.

So off we went this week to open an account that would give her the all-important bank card; you know, the kind of card you insert in a bank’s ATM and extract cash from your account or swipe through a store’s credit card machine so you can buy that all-important latte? Flashing one of those cards is a sure sign of <impending> adulthood.

The key to cash in hand for most teens today!

What Tory and I found, however, is that most banks won’t issue a gainfully employed minor this kind of card. Sure, they’ll give the teen an ATM card they can use to get cash out of the ATM at their own bank (or pay a fee to get it out of another bank’s ATM) or they’ll issue the parent a debit card in the parent’s name that the teen can use, but the parent’s name is on the card. Tory is so not into that, and frankly, neither am I.

This bank caters to teens.

Happily, we found Boiling Springs Bank; it’s local and has the kind of teen account Tory wanted. We walked into a local branch, and sure enough, Tory could get her own account with her own bank card with her own name on it.

Tory walked into the bank, introduced herself to the branch manager, and proceeded  to handle the ins and outs of opening a bank account. Did she have all the information at her fingertips? No, but she worked it and worked it out. She was polite, direct and clear about what she wanted. She asked a few questions, listened to the answers and walked out knowing that her card would arrive within 7-10 days.


It’s sweet. . .and I could see that reflected on her face.


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