Let’s Talk Recipes

The best little muffin recipe book I know!


Remember me telling you about the muffins I baked for the volleyball team on Friday?  I thought you might like  the recipes! Around my northern NJ town you can become a local hero merely by baking from scratch. Is it the same in your neighborhood?

Corn muffins: This recipe is fast and easy. Start checking the muffins for doneness at about the 18-minute mark or you could end up with hockey pucks instead of corn muffins.

Don't overcook these!

You probably have all these ingredients in your cabinet. Right?

First the dry ingredients

Then add the wet ingredients.

And after you've combined the wet with the dry, pop the batter into muffin tins and bake.

Big Apple Muffins with Granny Smith apple pieces mixed into the batter and a combo of cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top.  Yum! Keep an eye on the muffins as they are getting near “done”; you don’t want the sugar cinnamon mixture on top to burn.

Try some of the variations of this basic recipe. They're all tasty.

The ingredients

Most dry ingredients look the same to me, no matter the recipe!

Sour cream adds a nice subtle flavor and moistness to these muffins.

I did great remembering to take the “how to” photos of this recipe. . .until I forgot to take a photo of the cinnamon sugar mix I sprinkled on top, then I forgot to take a photo of the muffins before I popped them into the oven. Oh well.

Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins. I squished the overripe bananas (which I hate the taste and smell of so please, my friends, appreciate my great personal sacrifice!), creamed together the sugar, eggs and butter, then mixed in the flour and rest of dry ingredients. At that point my arm started to get tired from all the stirring, but I hung in there since, according to my husband Mike, these are the best muffins of the bunch!

Real bananas add a smoothness and flavor unmatched by boxed mixes.

A 3-fer: Batter at upper left. Banana mixture at lower left. Dry ingredients at right.

My apologies as I forgot to take photos of the end steps. Sorry!

Try a recipe or three and let me know what you think.


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