We Believe: Joseph’s Story Art Workshop

Joseph: God’s Dreamer

The Sunday School Curriculum we use at church.

As a member of the Christian Education Committee at church I help plan and implement Sunday School. We use the “We Believe” series, which is a workshop rotation model that keeps our kids coming back for more. To kick off our new Sunday School year, the kids will be learning about Joseph, he of the amazing Technicolor dream coat. I pulled together the ingredients for the Art Workshop, during which each of three age groups of kids at our church will make a “Story of Joseph” quilt.

Here's what the lesson plan looks like for the Joseph Story.

Per the directions, I made a quilt with 9 squares.

Supplies to make the quilt: fabric, thin batting and my quilting tools.

Layered fabric and batting, prepared to sew a "quilt sandwich."

Using light pencil I drew quilting lines on the quilt, then sewed down each line.

I flipped the quilt over and used the non-pencil-marked side as the side we'll iron the kids' designs onto. Notice the title box at the top so the kids can name the quilt and put the date.

Using fabric crayons and plain white paper, each child in the class will have the opportunity to draw a scene from Joseph’s story.

This is my test drawing. At Sunday School, the kids will draw a scene from the story onto the plain white paper using the fabric crayons.

After the kids are finished drawing, Tara, who volunteered to teach the unit, will flip their design face down onto the appropriate quilt square and iron it on.

Here I am ironing my picture onto the plain, non-quilted fabric to see how it looks.

Then the kids will use fabric pens and sign their artwork. Pretty cool, huh?

When I tested the method at home you can see how the design transferred to the quilt. The bottom design is the first transfer I did. I thought it worked pretty well.

Since I’m once again traveling most weekends with my daughter Tory, who is playing in fall softball tournaments, my good buddy Tara, whom you may remember from Vacation Bible School, is teaching most of the Sunday School Classes. I received an email update from her a little while ago. Disappointingly, she said only 3 children attended the Art Workshop this morning, and of those, only two participated in the quilt project. Even though I pretested the fabric crayons here at home (albeit on the same but non-quilted fabric) Tara said that, the colors on the quilt are muted. Bummer! Next week I’m up to teach and I’ll get to see the results first hand.



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2 responses to “We Believe: Joseph’s Story Art Workshop

  1. It seems like such an amazing idea! I may borrow it as a parting gift for one of our Girl Scout leaders. I just love it. Too bad about the small attendance, but maybe you can continue the project next week?

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