Contact Lenses, Uh. Make That Multi-Focus Contact Lenses

Being Refitted

Have you spent as many hours as I have at your eye doctor's office?!

Almost 2 hours. Yes, today was a l  o  n  g appointment at my eye doctor’s office. I was trying to find a better fitting multi-focus (translation: bifocal contacts for old people) contact lens.

How many different lenses will it take before I can see clearly again?! Uh. Yeah. That's me in the mirror!

Ever since I started wearing glasses in my early 30s I’ve resented it. Until then, I had always had terrifically clear and sharp vision, near or far.

First came the reading glasses then at about 41, I had to start wearing glasses to see into the distance.

Here is my most recent pair of "progressive" lens glasses. I love red-framed glasses. Does anyone else but me remember Sally Jesse Rafael?

Fed up, I begged my eye doctor for contacts. Not so easy as it turned out. Yes, they make multi-focus lenses, but no, they don’t work well on everyone.

I can't leave home without at least this stuff. Ever!

I can tell you about blurry vision. I can talk about switching to my glasses in the evenings because my eyes just plain refused to focus while wearing contacts. I can talk about taking regular glasses, prescription sunglasses, contacts and associated stuff to keep them clean and healthy, and regular sunglasses with me on vacation. . .and never having the right combination of “seeing stuff” with me to really enjoy seeing the world around me or the magazine in front of my face!

Although not perfect by any means, C Vue lenses worked for me for a while.

I’ve worn the same C-Vue brands for quite a few years, but today I tried 4 new and different (at least for me) contact lenses, mostly for my recalcitrant left eye, to see if I could sharpen my vision enough that I don’t constantly say (or think), “What’s that? It’s blurry!”

I’m road testing a new brand for the next two weeks. Let’s see if I will see better.

Fingers crossed!


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One response to “Contact Lenses, Uh. Make That Multi-Focus Contact Lenses

  1. I’m hoping for the best for you! I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 15 years old (which is, um, a loooooooong time!). I switch brands every few years, as the technology seems to be improving. But I can read the writing on the wall (at least right now I can still see well enough to read it), soon enough I will need the bi-focals/progressives/etc. and I will NOT be happy about it.

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