My Son Returns

Max Is Home for the Weekend

Trust me when I tell you Max stuffed this bag full. It weighs a TON!

My son Max returned from Big Ten College to spend the weekend at home. I haven’t seen him since we dropped him off in August so right now I’m a happy Mom, especially because Max told us at dinner last night that his plans to spend Saturday into Sunday at his friend Greg’s mountain house fell through. Greg’s loss is our family’s gain!

At Max’s request I’m making ribs tonight, and when my husband Mike and daughter Tory return from day one of her two-day softball tournament, they will have a terrific dinner waiting for them.

But first. First we will contend with this:

Sorted and ready for washing! Phew!!

First load already in!

Yes. Laundry, and lots of it. Max is still sleeping so I have started the first of his many loads.

I’m nice, right? Well, I’m also a little sneaky. You see, I need help digging up some plants outside so . . . when the boy wakes up Ill ask him to put his muscles to work for me.


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One response to “My Son Returns

  1. your ribs are the best!! I can almost taste them from here — lucky Max, lucky family!

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