Day 2: Bonita Springs, FL

Walkabout Coconut Plantation and Naples

What a way to begin a bright sunny day. . .with a 3-mile walk. Humidity was low but my cheerfulness was at an all-time high today. I was happy to be walking miles in the dappled sunshine, out of the resort ( , down the l o n g  entrance road, past the Hyatt Hotel, along the main access road and almost to the main highway before I turned around and retraced my route.

Tough life when you have the pool to yourself, right?!

After a quick shower to remove the slimy sweat I headed up to the adult pool where my husband Mike, my sister-in-law Betsy and her husband Phil were lounging in the sunshine. Overhead? Clear, blue skies.

After a healthy salad lunch in the condo we took off for Naples where the Double Sunshine cruise boat awaited us; we wanted to show Betsy and Phil the mansions and property along the Gulf where billionaires live 3 months out of every 12. And we wanted to do some “fine dining,” as my son Max would say. Take a look!

The Double Sunshine cruise leaves from Tin City

Playful dolphins swam along side the Double Sunshine.

We love this area of Naples, FL -- great food, fun bands on weekends!

Mike chose Tommy Bahama last night; I loved my goat cheese appetizer!



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