Ted’s Montana Grill, Bonita Springs, FL

(Finally) A New Restaurant for Us


Moon over Coconut Plantation last night


Last night my husband Mike and I ate at Ted’s Montana Grill in the Coconut Point Shopping Plaza (The “Ted” of Ted Turner and Jane Fonda.). Typically when we visit Bonita Springs, Mike and I frequent the same few restaurants. Mike is comfortable with the familiar so that’s what we do. Yesterday, though, we visited a few restaurants after we ate lunch and checked out their menus to see if anything might tempt us to try a new dinner place. The clubby atmosphere and varied menu (variations on bison, beef, and chicken, that is) convinced us to return for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill.


Cozy, quiet and comfy booth at Ted's Montana Grill


After we were seated in one of the many dark wood booths, I ordered a Big Sky lemonade, a luscious, balanced mix of fresh squeezed lemonade, bourbon and cointreau, and nibbled the fresh pickle slices that were brought to our table by Heather, our waitperson. During the off-season I learned that more than 100 lemons (200-300 during the busy season) are squeezed daily to make this luscious drink. With the bourbon and cointreau the tart blend goes down easy and is a real thirst quencher!


innocent looking "lemonade" with a kick.



Well grilled, but tender shrimp


We started with grilled shrimp (for me) and chicken tortilla soup (for Mike). The shrimp were well grilled and served on toast with a lemon butter dipping sauce. I happily ate four and Mike obligingly ate the fifth after he finished what he said was “very good” soup. (Note: Mike doesn’t use superlatives very often; this was big for him.)


Mike pronounced this soup "very good," high praise from him.



Mike likes to mix all his food together so here's the buttered broccoli, beer can chicken and mashed potatoes on one plate.


Next up was Mike’s beer can chicken with mashed potatoes and buttered broccoli. Coming from the Boy Scout school of one-pot meals, Mike mixed his broccoli (which had come on a separate plate) in with his chicken and potatoes and snarfed the lot right down.  I had one of the many chicken grills: chicken vermejo, a blend of Monterey jack cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms served on an oatie wheat bun. The chicken breast was moist and tender. and the toppings flavorful, but not overwhelming.


My awesome chicken sandwich.


The side of coleslaw (instead of fries) wasn’t sweet, but it wasn’t tart, and the cabbage was chunked up in a way that both Mike and I thought was perfect.


Chunky melange, not to sweet, not too sour.


We had a great meal, terrific drinks and we didn’t break the bank. We wholeheartedly recommend Ted’s if you’re in the neighborhood.

P.S. Today was our last day in paradise; we had a full day of sunny pool weather then went to Hemingway’s Island Grill for dinner. Suffice to say that Ted’s beats Hemingway’s hands down!

Please pray for traveling mercies for Mike and me as we wing our way back to NJ tomorrow. I heard high winds and rain are hanging around northern NJ.


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