Head Cold: Brought to You By Me, One Whining, Sniveling Mom

This pretty little thing makes me sick.

On October 6th and 7th I attended my beloved Uncle Bud’s wake and funeral in Western PA. His sons, my cousins, and most of their families were sick with hacking coughs and runny, stuffed noses while I was there. Rumor had it that my cousin Jerry and his family brought it in with them, and judging from the sounds of a couple of his kids hacking up lungs as we tried to talk with each other, I believed my cousin Nancy about the source of the illness.

Although I tried to stave off the inevitable with frequent hand washing, I started to get sick while my husband Mike and I were in Bonita Springs, FL. Seven days after being exposed and half way through our week’s vacation it started. First the stuffy nose, then the sneezing.

And now?

“Now?” you ask.

It’s about 12 days from first infection and about 6 days since my first symptom.

I sound worse than a barking dog and don't talk to me about the snot. Ugh!

Now I am at the “hacking up a lung” stage. You know, that point in a head cold when a cough catches you unprepared. One quick intake of precious air and the next thing you know, you’re doubled over as you hack and cough and hack some more.

This is the stage at which I (attempt to) sleep while propped on numerous pillows. Why? Because my nose is all but clogged by the copious amounts of snot my body is producing. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Simply put, I hate this stage the most, especially because I have asthma and this stage can last a week or more.

And the worst parts? I can’t get my allergy shots and I can’t get my flu shot until I feel better.

Just shoot me now. . .




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2 responses to “Head Cold: Brought to You By Me, One Whining, Sniveling Mom

  1. Laura

    I haven’t been able to look at your blog in awhile, due to work, school and teaching. I am sorry you caught the awful cold we all caught thanks to Uncle Jerry and his family. I unfortunately am starting to catch it again thanks to the wonderful children I teach and work with! Hope you feel better soon!

    • I’m starting to feel better! And I know what you’re going through with the germs/kids routine. Tory gets that every new cycle of ‘learn to swim’ she teaches at the Little Y here in town. The kids are germ factories!
      Love you, Sweetie!

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